Welcome to Alabaster Spa Casa del Abad.

As an extra not included in the overnight price, you can enjoy our thermal circuit designed to take care of you to the fullest.

It is full rented per stay (8 hours/day) with the assistance of one or more professionals who will advise you how to use it and who will carry out the treatments booked.

Alabastro spa has a jacuzzi, a sauna, a steam bath, an alternating temperature shower, as well as massage rooms, wraps, peelings and everything necessary to offer beauty treatments. They should be ordered 72 hours in advance. The list of treatments is detailed below.

Our treatments

Wellness and Aesthetics List


Massage area to choose
Relaxation massage on one part of the body (back, legs or head)

Time: 20´ | Price: 30€

Integral relaxing massage
Relaxing massage with oils on back, legs, feet, hands and head

Time: 50´ | Price: 55€


Integral Massage
Decontracting massage to relax muscles in back, legs, feet, hands and head

Time: 50´ | Price: 65€

Massage area to choose
Relief of tensions with decontracting massage to choose between back or legs

Time: 20´ | Price: 40€


Time: 20´ | Price: 30€

Foot massage

Time: 20´ | Price: 35€


Special Pregnancy

Time: 25´ | Price: 40€

Anti-cellulite massage

Time: 20´ | Price: 40€

Lymphatic drainage

Time: 20´ | Price: 40€

Time: 50´ | Price: 70€


Seaweed ritual
They are ideal to end stress and delay aging as well as to eliminate stretch marks and relieve certain muscular pains.

Time: 55´ | Price: 60€

Cocoa or chocolate therapy ritual
Hydrates, nourishes and tones the skin. It acts as a good anti-cellulite agent and helps to eliminate fat nodules that are lodged in our skin.

Tiime: 55´ | Price: 60€

Green tea ritual
Thanks to its great antioxidant power, green tea oxygenates and renews our cells helping to regenerate skin affected by the sun as well as a powerful ally against wrinkles.

Time: 55´ | Price: 60€

Ritual of red fruits
Its highly antioxidant and moisturizing properties stimulate good mood, in addition to fighting the signs of aging and stress.

Time: 55´ | Price: 60€

Ritual of honey and royal jelly
Provides vitamins and proteins enhancing the beauty and vitality of your skin. The honey acts as a disinfectant and refreshing the skin, in addition to giving freshness and a youthful appearance.

Time: 55´ | Price: 60€

Ritual of parafangos
Eliminates contractures and localized joint stiffness. Reduces subcutaneous fat in body areas such as abdomen, thighs and arms.

Time: 55´ | Price: 60€


Basic manicure
Fingernails trim + polish + hydration

Time: 15´ | Price: 25€

Semi-permanent manicure
Fingernails trim + semi-permanent polish + hydration

Time: 20´ | Price: 20€

Spa Manicure
Exfoliation + hand treatment + fingernails trim + semi-permanent polish + hydration

Time: 30´ | Price: 40€

Basic pedicure
Toenails trim + polish + hydration

Time: 20´ | Price: 30€

Semi-Permanent pedicure
Toenails trim + semi-permanent polish + hydration

Time: 35´ | Price: 40€

Spa Pedicure
Exfoliation + toenails trim + semi-permanent polish + hydration

Time: 40´ | Price: 45€

Semi-permanent manicure + semi-permanent pedicure

Time: 90´ | Price: 50€


Basic facial treatment

Time: 40´ | Price: 45€

Specific facial treatment
Anti-aging, lighting, nourishing, anti-acne sensitive skin

Time: 55´ | Price: 60€


Spa Circuit with Fruit Brochette
For stag/hen parties

Time: 90´ | Price: 30€ per person

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